Design low current systems faster and more efficiently

About us

RDS-BIM is a plug-in for automating the design of fire safety systems and other low current systems in Autodesk Revit.

We create a possibility to design low voltage safety systems in one information environment (BIM model).

In the past, creating low voltage safety systems consumed a lot of working time.

With our plug-in, the creation of designs and their documentation turns from a long and time-consuming job into an automated process, saving time and resources.


Fire alarm systems

Protection systems

Monitoring systems

Communication networks

Appliance database

Electrical energy systems

RDS-BIM automates the design process by:

  • • Automatic placement of fire detectors according to their area of application, room size, legal requirements and related technical systems (electrical, ventilation, etc.)

  • • Automatic creation of control zones, optimum selection of topology and number of loops

    • Automation of various calculations (cable lengths and cross-sections, power supply calculations, acoustic calculations, etc.)

    • Automatic detection of floor protection

  • • Generation of structural diagrams, loop diagrams, wiring diagrams, etc.

    • Simulation of system availability, simulation of commissioning, etc.

  • •Use of a single database for device families in low current systems


Which manufacturers will form the equipment database?

We are currently focusing on the market preferences of the region where the work is carried out. Any manufacturer from the region can be represented in our database.

Can I buy this plug-in today?

No. The plugin is at the MVP development stage. We plan to test it on real projects in the near future.

What national requirements apply to the development of the plugin?

Currently we are applying the rules, principles and standards of the Republic of Poland. At stage B we plan to implement the requirements of the UK, USA and Canada. The next stage will cover Asian, North American and African countries.

Does the product work on its own?

No. The plug-in integrates with Autodesk REVIT software. In the future, it is planned to use the database as a web platform that will work without being linked to anything.



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